What Kind of Cook Are You?

Are you an adventurous cook who can happily experiment in the kitchen without the aid of cookery books? Or are you like me, someone who likes the security of a recipe, knowing that if you follow it there's very little chance of things not turning out right? I've always been a firm follower of recipes but I've surprised myself since starting my blog in that I've become a bit braver and have come up with some original recipes. Mind you I like to make variations on tried and trusted basic recipes particularly when baking so I know the science of it won't fail!

My preference for following recipes did once actually get me a job! I went for an interview for a position many years ago at The Christie which is the big hospital in Manchester that treats people with cancer. I didn't get the job but during the course of the interview we'd got onto cooking, I must have listed it as a hobby on the application form, and they offered me a different temporary 3 month post. One part of the job role involved making up different chemical compounds for the lab workers to use when conducting tests on tissue samples. It literally involved carefully following recipes and heating up chemicals in a fume cupboard. Cooking with goggles and a white coat on!


  1. I'm a franken-chef myself - I tend to read a lot of recipes, deliberate over which of them to use, then throw the whole lot out of the window and make it up as I go along! Sometimes if it sounds really really good I'll follow the recipe, but it's rare I can stop myself from making some little modification or other. I just can't leave well enough alone!

  2. I'm a lazy and play-it-safe sort of cook, but I hate being that way and really need to cook about more. And eat less Marmite Toast! xx


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