Amsterdam Rum Chocolate

A group of my friends and I used to have a thing where we saved £30 a month. When it got to September we'd book cheap flights to a European city for New Year and there'd be money left over for accommodation and some spends. We did this for 10 New Years and had some amazing holidays in Dublin, Barcelona, Paris, Prague, Brussels and Amsterdam, visiting some places more than once. The first time we did this we went to Amsterdam in 1996 when it was one of the coldest winters in years and all the canals froze over. It was magical seeing people skating up and down on them!

It was also blooming cold and we all had to visit C&A and stock up on extra layers and hot water bottles. We stayed in a dodgy hotel in the Red Light district which had ice on the inside of the windows and there was much popping into Brown Cafes during the day to get hot drinks to keep warm. On the second or so day the proprietor recommended chocolate milk that was warmed up and spiked with a shot of rum. This is such a good combination and many more were consumed during the rest of the stay!

I'd forgotten all about this until Provamel send a huge selection of samples of their products to give out at CLF meet ups. Seriously, get hold of some of their small cartons of chocolate soya milk, warm it up and add a shot of good rum. It's as delicious as I remember the Amsterdam ones being!


  1. wow, that does sound delicious! I must try, thanks for tip ;)xx

  2. Yum yum! I love chocolate provamel! Have a great christmas and a wonderful new year x


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