Better Than Takeaway Tea

Yesterday was a really long day which involved getting up at 6am to get 2 trains to Leicester to go to a Crafts Conference and then not getting home until after 9pm. It was a really interesting day but by the time I'd travelled home on a noisy train packed with lots of people getting drunk ready for a night out in Manchester I was ready for some peace and quiet on my sofa with a DVD and some comfort food.

The plan was to grab a takeaway from Barburrito or Rice which are right next to where I get my bus home in Piccadilly. When I got off the train though I was not in the mood for either. Then I went in the Co-Op and found my new go-to almost instant tea! Italian potato gnocchi, lovely little dumplings which unlike those sold elsewhere are egg free and labelled as suitable for vegans, thank you Co-Op! Served simply with some onion and mushrooms fried in a little Vitalite tossed in some Suma sundried tomato pesto. It was the first time I've tried this ready made pesto brand and it was the nicest shop bought vegan pesto I've tried so far. This took mere minutes and so hit the spot!


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