Guess Where I've Been....

Guess which city I went on a day trip to this weekend. Here's a clue!

The streets are indeed paved with gold. Well, the public artwork is at least!

This new building still under construction is the new library. I love the lace like exterior.

We went to see a major craft exhibition Made in the Middle at Mac. It's great, if you're interested in craft and can get there, go. I was with 2 friends from Manchester Psychogeography group - The Loiterers Resistance Movement so we had to check out the Hamish Fulton exhibition at Ikon Gallery too. We also loved the exhibition on there by Irish artist Sarah Browne. Check out these traditional Icelandic sweaters with hidden words which were a response to what people said were the best and worst things about living there.

Lunch was at the fab Warehouse Cafe which caters really well for vegans. After much deliberation we all went for the BBQ burger with wedges. Great service and lovely food which was really filling. We decided we were too full for dessert but then we strayed into the little health food shop next door and couldn't resist trying the new Swedish Glace Pearl lollies which got the thumbs up from us.

Didn't get home until after 11pm so Sunday needed to be a lazy day. Just right for a long brunch at Odder with a group of my oldest mates and a cheeky afternoon cocktail!


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