More of the Midlands!

I was back in the Midlands again this weekend, this time in Nottingham. I got to sample locally brewed beers in the oldest pub in England! Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is an amazing warren of rooms built into caves in the side of Nottingham Castle!

It's reportedly haunted. In addition above one of the bars is a cobweb encrusted galleon in a case. Apparently, the last three people to attempt to clean it have died in unexpected and mysterious circumstances within 12 months of doing so!

Last weekend I had the vegan breakfast at Odder in Manchester which recently won a spot on the Top 10 vegan breakfasts list. In Nottingham I was able to check out another from the list with a visit to Alley Cafe. It was excellent and was the best scrambled tofu I've had outside of my own kitchen. I often find cafe versions quite bland but this had onions in it and a slightly smokey flavour.

So, wonder which one on the List I'll get to next! It would be great to get to them all. Has anyone tried any of the others?


  1. I didn't even know there was such a list of vegan breakfasts - and to my shame I've had none of them! Time to get cracking on fixing that, obviously...

  2. That looks great & I'm tempted to join in & also eat my way around Britain's best vegan breakfasts!!

    I've had the InSpiral Lounge breakfast and the Iydea breakfast & they're both good. The InSpiral one is particularly awesome & although not on the list the breakfast at Infinity Cafe in Brighton is amazing.

  3. I have to go to that pub! And that breakfast looks amazing! :)


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