Glastonbury Revisited

Two weekends ago we were back down South again as Matt was playing at another festival. This time it was the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival and Rally. It's an annual event held in the fields next to the Tolpuddle Martyrs Museum. As well as lots of stalls run by the unions and other groups of activists there is a programme of live music throughout the weekend. There was even an animal rights presence with the local chapter of Animal Aid running a stall. Here's me next to a banner from my old union from my teaching days. 

The festival finished with Billy Bragg on the Sunday teatime and we left the campsite and headed off to Glastonbury for a night in the Travelodge. We were really pleased to discover when we got there that Cafe Galatea served a Sunday roast. Unfortunately they told us that they couldn't find the recipe for the vegan version of the nut roast which made me wonder why have a vegetarian and a vegan version? Why not just do a good vegan version that everyone can eat? Anyway, the substitute was falafel which despite my doubts about it as part of a Sunday roast was actually very tasty. The selection of veg was excellent and Matt even walked it off by climbing up Glastonbury Tor afterwards. Me, I had to have a lie down!

We were able to spend the next morning looking around the town checking out the charity shops and bookshops. I even saw a man who looked just like Father Christmas at a bus stop. Whilst we were mooching around we were keeping an eye out for somewhere to go for lunch. Although there were lots of places where we could get something vegan to eat I was starting to get a little disappointed as it seemed that the vegan option everywhere was humus and falafel. Much as I like those things it's nice when you eat out to have something a little more imaginative. Then we spotted Hundred Monkeys Cafe. As a lover of monkeys the name alone got me interested but when we looked at the menu in the window the deal was sealed. Whilst not a vegetarian business they had the best choice of veggie food that we spotted that morning and things were cleared labelled as vegan.

Matt went for the anti-pasti plate above. It was all vegan bar the pesto which he was able to sub for a homemade vegan coleslaw. My choice was a four grain salad with wild red and black rice, quinoa and pearl barley dressed with lemon and fresh herbs. It was a boiling hot day and this was exactly the kind of food I wanted to eat. I was absolutely lovely but I couldn't finish it.

The portion was certainly generous and I also wanted to sample the dessert I'd spotted on the way in. This was a nice substantial chocolate cake studded with chocolate chips and finished with vanilla frosting. I washed it down with a refreshing cup of their herbal tea blend of the month.

As well as the hearty portions and quality of the food the other thing that stood out at Hundred Monkeys was the service which was really excellent. It was a busy lunchtime but the staff were attentive and polite and went out of their way to find me a container so that I could take the rest of my salad home as it was too nice to leave! If you're in the Glastonbury area I would definitely recommend a visit.


  1. This is making me wish that I had looked around the town when I was there. Mind you, it was raining cats and dogs. This food looks so good. I'm just trying to figure out what to have for breakfast whilst I look at this. It's making me more hungry. :)

  2. This is good news as we've been to Glastonbury a few times now, eaten at Cafe Galatea well enough, nice cake there yum, but haven't found anywhere else that did more than as you say, the old hummous and falafel deal. I shall not the Monkey place down for future reference!

  3. That cafe looks so great, I haven't been to Glastonbury for years but now I want to go back.


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