So, I survived my first music festival, camping experience! To be honest I felt like a bit of a cheat. We got to Glastonbury on the Friday and it was dry and sunny from there on in. We got to camp in the crew and artists enclosure behind the Leftfield where there were showers, real toilets and even a greenroom. It was fab and Matt's slot went really well. He was part of the Radical Roundup on the Saturday afternoon where 4 singer songwriters got to take it turns to do a song each. The Saturday round up featured Billy Bragg, Sean McGowan and Amanda Palmer alongside Quiet Loner himself! There's some footage here and here.

We also got to hang out with ONSIND who were part of the Radical Roundup on the Friday and who are fellow vegans. Nathan even has an I Love Vegan Junk Food sticker on his guitar. They are lovely guys and their music is great. I've just ordered their new CD. I urge you to check them out if you don't already know them. By bizzare coincidence we realised we'd actually met the year before in the health food shop in Glossop. They were on their way to play at Strummercamp and had stopped in the town to check out The Globe which is Glossop's vegan pub. As it doesn't do food on Saturday lunchtimes they'd stopped off at the shop looking for some lunch and we'd recommended they also pop over to the monthly food market for vegan scones.

So what was the food like? Well, it was certainly easy for vegans. We consumed burgers, falafels and salads. My standout though which I had twice was the massaman curry budha bowls from Wholefood Heaven which were absolutely gorgeous. Something else that I had twice was a chocolate, hazelnut cake from Queen Delilah over in the Greenfields. These guys were actually operating an on-site bakery. The cake was rich and dense and I was suprised to find it was gluten free with the flour being ground hazelnuts. My other standout of the weekend was some vegan chai on the Sunday morning purchased from the 50p tea tent. As it was fancier than the standard tea it was actually £1.50 but was worth every penny as it's the nicest chai I've yet to taste.

This weekend we're off to another festival. This time it's in Dorset and it's the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival and Rally. Billy Bragg will be there and I'm planning to bake him a vegan cake as a thank you for inviting us to Glastonbury.


  1. Real toilets is definitely cheating although I'd take them any day over the regular festival toilets I've experienced! So rad that Matt played Glastonbury & it sounds like you had a fun weekend.

  2. How cool in all respects! If you'd have told me a few months ago that you'd be getting sun at Glastonbury I'd never have believed you! Nice work on the cake and chai front - I've not been to Glastonbury for years, but I remember some nice food!


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