Favourite Hot Chocolate

Happy New Year everyone. Hope everyone had a good festive season. The weather is pretty miserable in Manchester so I'm enjoying regular hot chocolates to lift my mood. This is my current favourite way to make hot chocolate. It's a cup of warmed Almond Breeze with three teaspoons of Choc Shot stirred into it. It's got to be this brand of almond milk as it's got a little bit of salt in the ingredients and this just adds something different.

And to top it off some vanilla flavour Freedom Mallows to float on top, Mmmmmm. Do you have a favourite way of making vegan hot chocolate?
If you're a blogger who makes stuff keep an eye out for my next post for something you might like to take part in.


  1. I love those Freedom Mallows. I mainly cram them into my face by the fistful, so they never get as far as hot chocolate, but I like the idea! That and vegan squirty cream - everything a vegan hot choc should be. Intrigued by the Choc Shot - I'll be tracking that one down.


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