The Teatime Collective

A few weeks ago Matt and I both managed to have a Friday off work. We decided to use it to go somewhere we'd been meaning to try for a while. The Teatime Collective is one of Manchester's newest vegan eateries and we'd heard nothing but good reviews from friends who'd visited. It's situated over in Hulme which is just South of the city centre. The cafe doesn't have many seats but they've recently also aquired a shipping container next to it which they've turned into a lovely cosy area which has given them about 3 times more space.

We decided for our first visit to check out their big breakfast and were impressed to get tofu scramble, beans, tomatoes, sausages, hash browns, mushrooms, black pudding, toast and a potato cake. They also do things like club sandwiches, burgers and pizzas, basically all homemade comfort food and of course vegan cake. In addition there's a nice range of fairtrade tea and coffee and vegan soft drinks. I have to also mention how lovely and friendly the staff are.

We were stuffed after the breakfast but we couldn't leave without sampling something from Manchester's first vegan icecream parlour! The icecreams are all homemade and have various different bases, soya milk, coconut milk and cashew. We got four scoops for £5 and took them home for later. You can also have four scoops with sauces and whipped cream for the same price.

There were around 8 to choose from and they all sounded great. We narrowed down to these four - cherry and raspberry, gingerbread, pistachio and mint choc chip. Wow, they were amazing and I'm not usually much of an icecream person so that is high praise! When I was young my favourite flavour was always mint choc chip so I was especially excited to try that flavour and it didn't disappoint with lovely fresh mint flavours and loads of choc chips. I'm already looking forward to my next visit to Teatime Collective to sample more.


  1. Ooh we went the other weekend and the food is delicious! Apart from my pasty which was incredibly bland. But I tried everyone else's dishes ( another three) and they were lovely. Plus I had a nice cream sundae afterwards. Ginger ice cream, pistachio, plus chocolate sauce and whipped cream. All vegan. How fab. The breakfast looks scrum my too, so we'll have to pop down earlier next time. Great to see you both last night :D x

  2. You too and your pie last night was fab. Definitely recommend the breakfast at Teatime. looking forward to trying the burgers and pizzas too on future visits!

    1. Thank you hon, I'm going to make my ma some that only has stevia in it, rather than half stevia and half sugar, because she's a diabetic. It'll be nice to give her a sweet treat. And boy am I happy that I can do something else with all the pumpkins we grow! x

  3. This place sounds great. The ice creams look like a box of delicious gems, so colourful!

  4. Another up vote for the ice cream - they're almost too pretty to eat. I'd have to keep going back there for the brekkie though - you just don't see enough potato cakes on breakfast plates.


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