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Many moons ago I took part in an initiative called Pay It Forward. I saw it on the Pixie Rose Dresses blog and signed up. Myself and two others bloggers then got sent a lovely gift. We didn't know when the gift was going to arrive, just that it would be some time in the next 12 months so it was a lovely surprise.

One day I got home from work and there was this fab parcel waiting for me with a homemade pin cushion and lavender heart and a bonus of one of my favourite raw chocolate bars.

The next stage is for the recipients of the gifts to do their own Pay It Forwards. I made my gifts and fully intended to do this during Vegan Mofo and then totally forgot about it. But better late than never eh! 

Here's the rules:
You must be a UK blogger.
I will choose the first 3 people who leave a comment below. Please note that I need to be able to email you to get your address.
You must pledge to feature Pay It Forward on your blog and be able to make something to post out to 3 people. This could be crafts or baked goods, as long as it's homemade. Please aim to post this out within the next 12 months.


  1. This is a lovely idea and would love to take part in this! Charlie is a lot more settled now and have a little more of a routine going and will start to blog again soon x
    Ps, the wagon wheels look so tasty!


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