Dandelion and Burdock Review

Back on St Patrick's Day Matt and I got the train over to Sowerby Bridge in West Yorkshire and met our friend Sarah for brunch. The venue was Dandelion and Burdock which is a completely vegan restaurant. The English head chef and owner spent time in the past working in California and Oregon and developed his style of vegan cooking after his son was born with a number of food intolerances. I've eaten at D and B many times and enjoy the clean, fresh style of food they offer.

The day we visited there was a brunch deal. I think it was 2 courses for £12 and 3 for £15. We all went for this vegetable fritatta for our starter which was lovely and light.

Sarah and Matt had a quiche style main with veggies whilst I opted for this  Irish stew and dumplings which was great comfort food without being too heavy.

To finish off Sarah had a cookie sandwich whilst Matt and I got the pumpkin cheesecake with ice cream. It was great to see the restaurant nice and full and I'm sure that lots of the diners weren't vegan just people drawn in by the offer of good quality, healthy food. 


  1. Ooooooooooh once again you tempt me. And I have heard of this place, it's not far from my sister's house, but getting the family there is nigh on impossible - they always have to have meat it seems. It does sound worth travelling to for me and hubby mind you, a day out perhaps. Love the look of that cheesecake yum! :) x

  2. We went for valentines day, unfortunately we had a 'brilliant' idea to go to Sheffield for a day and ended up have a rather large lunch at an amazing vegan friendly pub there!

    This meant we weren't actually that hungry, so we didn't enjoy the food as much as we would have done, it was still nice though :-)

    It's a bit confusing that the website refers to it being a vegatarian restaurant!

  3. Wow, everything looks great! I love how varied the menu sounds. Irish Stew is always a favourite of mine and I haven't seen cookie sandwiches on many menus in the UK.

  4. I need to make some massive food trip to the north to eat my way around all these places. I definitely think I can handle a cookie sarnie or a slice of that cheesecake!

  5. This place has closed down now unfortunately (click on the link for more info)


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