Egg Revisited

It's quite a long time since I've been to The Egg Cafe. I've not been to Liverpool for a while and the last few times I'd been to my new favourite cafe - Mello Mello. The Egg is a well established veggie cafe high up in the attic of a building. It's a really nice space, the food is well priced and home made but the menu seems to have been the same for years and a lot of the dishes are too spicy for my palate. Matt had a gig though recently and we stayed overnight. We popped into The Egg which is near Lime Street station for a quick breakfast with friends before catching the train home.

I'd only had the vegan breakfast on one previous occasion and I don't remember it as anything special. I was really impressed by it this time though. The thing that especially stood out was the tofu scramble. I don't know about anyone else but I find the tofu scrambles in cafes to be very bland. This offering from The Egg though was packed with flavour and generous amounts of parsley and peppers. Top marks from me.

I grabbed a couple of cakes for the train journey home. On the right was a chocolate tiffin type slice that was suitably sticky with nice big chunks of biscuit. The lovely looking cake on the left was a chocolate and beetroot gluten free muffin that was studded with big chunks of chocolate. Sadly, whilst the flavours were great it was completely undercooked with the inside like uncooked cake batter, It was so bad I couldn't finish it. Whoever baked it definitely needed to invest in a cake skewer for testing the middles!


  1. Ugh, undercooked cake is just sad! I feel ya on the scramble thing too, I think most cafes really need to up the garlic and the nooch!

  2. Noooo! nothing worse than a cake that's not done. Still, at least the breakfast delivered. A scramble can make the brekkie!


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