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Here's a mini round up of some recent nice eats. Since I've moved I now have a thirty minute train journey into Manchester. I'm enjoying the time to read but I've found getting up earlier means I'm not that hungry first thing. I've been having my breakfast once I get to work at 8. I spotted the other day that M and S had some new granolas. Out of the three in the range, one was sweetened with honey, one with sugar and the one that I chose with agave. It's really different from other granolas I've had. There's loads of crunchy seeds in it and I've been loving the flavour as well as the texture. It tastes delicious with M and S soya drink which is much sweeter and creamier than other brands and which is fab in coffee and hot chocolate too.

I've been aware of Isa's recipe for Chickpea Picatta for a long time and remember bloggers raving about it when Appetite For Reduction first came out. Somehow it had just never appealed to me though after finally making it the other day I can see that was my mistake! Wow, what a fantastic quick and easy dinner. I loved the flavours and how easily it came together. I served it as suggested with caulipots also from Appetite For Reduction over a bed of rocket. Caulipots are basically boiled and then mashed and seasoned potatoes and cauliflower. This was a Monday night dinner but it was so good I would definitely serve it to guests.

We are still in the rented house at the moment waiting for our house purchase to go through. The oven is terrible so most of the cooking goes on via the hob. Matt had two friends up to stay for an active weekend of bike rides and hill walking. I made a huge pan of this old favourite, the Morrocan Tagine from Vegan with a Vengeance to fill everyone up on Saturday night. We had it with couscous, salad, pitta bread, fancy olives and avocado hummus. I made the tagine the night before to give all the different herbs and spices the chance to blend. I've not made this for ages and I'd forgotten how lovely it is.

I can't wait to move and get my hands on this little beauty which comes with the house! It will be quite strange not to be working with a temperamental oven!


  1. I can imagine how awesome it'd be to have a good oven so I'm super excited for you! Mine can only bake 10 cupcakes at a time and even then I have to swivel the side middle ones at about 15 minutes or they'll rise wonkily...bit ridiculous for someone running a bakery really!! I'm super excited you've discovered the chickpea picatta, it's so good and so easy! Nick hates chickpeas, onion and rocket so I usually make it when friends are coming over!

  2. I can totally empathise with the oven thing! I will be virtually high five-ing you when you get in your new place and using a decent oven again. You're making top use of the hob though - you've inspired me to get out vegan with a vengeance and make a tagine.

  3. What a cool-looking oven! It can be difficult when you don't have properly working equipment! I once had to cook on a stovetop/hob that only worked on high and the oven couldn't be used.


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