Lazy Sunday Morning Breakfast

A picture heavy post of a recent Sunday morning - World Vegan Day in Fact. Two sets of filter coffee - decaf for Matt and full caf for me!

Having fun with Jus-Rol croissants in a tin trying out some different filling ideas.

These tofutti slices worked really well but the bacon crumbles kind of dissolved and got lost. Next time I would try the same cheese slices with a smear of tomato puree and some mixed herbs to go for a pizza style croissant.

I had a tube of Creme de Marrons which is a French sweet chestnut puree. This was amazingly good as a croissant filling.

I broke up one of these small almond and orange dark chocolate bars from Aldi and this worked really well too.

Croissants about to go in....

Croissants coming out of the oven.

The finished breakfast. I've another tube of these in the fridge. Have you any ideas for fillings?


  1. i can never get pour over coffee right - it always ends up cold. i use a french press. i love crescent dough creations!

  2. Jus Rol crescents are amazing! I've tried speculoos in them before, to mixed effect!

  3. They sound like great fillings, I with we could get something like that here. Maybe one day!
    I do really like savoury fillings in things, and cheesy is always a good start. Go crazy and stick mac and cheese in one, I say. ;)

  4. I have to agree with Jo, pizza croissants for me! :o)


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