Mid Week Munchies

Mid Week Munchies takes place every week and is organised by Jennifer at My Blissful Journey. Check out the link to find what bloggers round the world have been buying and eating.

This week's mid-week munchies focuses on cheese and meat substitutes. I'm really into smokey cheese flavours at the moment. I made a pizza the other week topped with the cashew based smokey cheese sauce from Vegan Pizza and we've been enjoying the Violife Smoked Slices in the front of the picture in toasted sandwiches. To the back right is some Smokey MozzaRisella which is made from germinated rice and so is actually a soy free cheese. I'm thinking pizza topping again with this or maybe burgers? I was very excited when Matt came back from our local health food store yesterday with the cheese on the left which is the new Violife Prosociano which boasts parmesan flavours. The cheese I probably miss most is fresh parmesan so this will need to be good to meet my standards! I'm intending to use it how I used to use parmesan as a flavouring to finish off dishes and I'll be starting with risotto. I've heard such mixed reviews of it on the internet. It seems to be a real 'marmite' love it or hate it product.

The sausage shaped product at the front of the next picture is vegan Haggis. We've tried this many times and love it. It's great in the traditional Scottish way with neeps and tatties but I also love it as part of a roast Sunday dinner which is what we'll be using this for this week. The bag at the back is the Ikea vegetable balls which we finally got round to picking up a bag of when we went to buy a new desk and bookcase this week. I didn't think I'd like these as I've never been a fan of either the meat or veggie version but I was very pleasantly surprised. We served them with a simple tomato sauce and some penne and salad and it was a really tasty meal. I though the price was a bit steep but we worked out that there are 10 servings in the bag so it's not expensive at all.

I couldn't let a mid week munchies go by without a bargain buy from Heron Foods. This big bag of crisps was only 59p and we made quick work of them and went back for more! Although spicy there's no hot chilli spices in there so I am able to eat them without a coughing attack which pleased me greatly.

Today is my birthday. Matt has a couple of gigs so I've taken some time off work and we are spending a day in Sheffield followed by a day in Nottingham then back home on Saturday for food with friends and a mini pub crawl round Glossop. Sheffield and Nottingham are pretty good places for vegans so I'm looking forward to some great meals out over the next few days and will try to remember to take some photos!


  1. Happy birthday! :D The Ikea vegetable balls sound pretty good!

  2. I regret not getting the vegan haggis from our British Imports shop years ago. They use to carry it and I guess it went past the expiration date and they never restocked it. T_T

  3. Happy birthday! It was my birthday yesterday, so almost snap! I hope you enjoy your days out :)

  4. Happy birthday! :)

    I am sad that my bag of ikea balls ran out, I need to go back and buy more!

    I like that violife parmesan. Wasn't sure I would, but it's pretty good!

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope it was amazing! I love smoky cheeses too. Daiya makes a smoked Gouda block that is one of my favorites. I can't wait to hear what you think of the vegan parm! I have yeat to try Ikea's vegan veggie balls. Now I'm curious!

  6. Happy birthday. :D I hope you had a great day. :)
    Sounds like you have some great cheese and meat selections there, I wish we had some of them available to us! I haven't been to Ikea since the veggie balls came out, but one day I will go there probably just to get them.

  7. Many happy returns! I hope you had a good few days off work and enjoyed your weekend. I've tried the normal MozzaRisella and at first I loved it then changed my mind so I think I need to try it again! :o) PS Looking forward to all the foodie photos

  8. Nice finds!!!!! Thanks for participating in MWM!


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