All Aboard the Folk Train

On the last Thursday evening of every month a 'Folk Train' runs between Manchester and Glossop. For the princely sum of £1.95 return you are entertained by live musicians and there's often a sing song on the way back.

Once you arrive in Glossop most folks retire to Glossop Labour club for liquid refreshment, more tunes and Chinese food which is ordered ahead whilst on the train. However, the vegans in the group take the opportunity to visit The Globe with it's completely vegan food menu. It's comfort food in abundance and they specialise in chips! - lovely chips with the skins left on, curly fries, chips made from parsnips etc served with amazing thick tasty gravy. It was hard to choose between sausages, chilli or curry but in the end I went for 'Veggie steak' cooked in red wine sauce served with chips and gravy. Accompanied by a pint of a delicious dark ale this came in at less than a fiver.

The puddings on offer are Swedish Glace icecream or sorbet. Not being a massive fan of cold desserts in winter I brought some carrot cake cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World and we enjoyed these on the train. Was lovely to hear that famous ode to my home town on the way back.


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