Monkey Tea time

I had an afternoon tea today with some of my oldest friends. When I was getting stuff ready I was thinking about when I met them all and realised it was in 1987, the year I was doing my art foundation course. We had many fun Saturday nights out in Corbieres and the Hacienda and often my favourite part of the night was all getting together for a drink and a dance at one of our parent's houses before we went out! One of them mentioned on Facebook that she was going to a 'Monkey Cream Tea' so of course all my monkeys had to come out to play.

They brought some lovely contributions to the party. The cupcakes are red velvet with cream cheese frosting from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. The chocolate heart cookies were a veganised recipe from an old Be-Ro cookery book and used ground rice. The delicious chocolate fridge cake was full of biscuit and dried cherries.
The savoury options were kalamata olive and sundried tomato tapenade from the Candle Cafe cookbook, sun dried tomato and basil hummus, Peanut Butterbean pate, cheese and tomato and cream cheese and cucumber. All washed down with loads of cups of tea and an 80's soundtrack of Kirsty McCall, Voice of the Beehive and Fairground Attraction.


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