We need cake!

I baked last night as I knew we would need cake at work today. Mainly to celebrate the birthday of one of my colleagues who sits in our little group of six off the main office. Also, it was our first day of doing 'live' assessments. We've had a two month intensive training/ bootcamp but now the new organisation is up and running and it's all very real!
As we have been needing cake/ chocolate quite regularly and also to stop our blood sugars spiking and crashing I went for this healthier recipe Lemon and Poppyseed cake from the book Get it Ripe. I've been following Jae Steel's blog Domestic Affair for a while. She's a qualified nutritionist and focuses on using the more healthy versions of ingredients. Everything I've made so far from the book has been wonderful, quick and delicious. This was the first dessert recipe I've tried and it was great with agave syrup substitiuting for sugar.


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