Come Dine With Me

I don't watch a lot of tv but I do love Come Dine With Me and have watched it from the first series. I think it would be great if they did an episode where all the contestants were vegan. People are vegan for many different reasons and their diets can vary tremendously. I've met raw fooders, junk food vegans who don't eat many vegetables, total gourmets etc, it would be interesting viewing!

A few of us from work are doing our own version where we take it in turns to host an evening. It was the first one last night and Richard has set the bar high! We started with fizz and strawberries up on his roof terrace. Then our starter was an individual mushroom tart with rocket salad. This was followed by a main course of butternut squash stuffed with roasted vegetables and pinenuts with optional goats cheese for the non vegans. All very delicious.

I provided a vegan dessert in the form of Sarah Kramer's Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie. It's really easy to make and is a super decadent dessert.


  1. The food looks amazing, I love Come Dine With Me too!! I've only seen one vegan on there and she was pretty cool which was unusual. The media usually represent vegans as weirdos! (which we're not, obviously...) The chocolate pie sounds yummy too!

  2. That is such a good idea! I'd love to do that kind of thing with friends and colleagues but I know they'd be a) too lazy and b) not make an effort with any vegan dishes because they wouldn't understand what I can/can't eat!

  3. I bet that was the episode Nikki who runs ScouseVeg over in Liverpool that you saw Siobhan. She was great on it. VV my friend who cooked the meal is not used to cooking vegan, that's why I helped with the dessert. I also gave him some vegan margarine and soy milk to sub for the dairy in the recipes. He was great, got veggie recipes off the BBC website and checked all the ingredients lists with me. The person who's going next said she's going to follow the same format of cooking something veggie that can also be veganised. I am really lucky to have such nice colleagues who are into food.

  4. Mmmm sounds delicious, what a great idea. I watch 'Come Dine with Me' too. They often repeat an episode with a vegan girl on it. A few people have said to me jokingly that it was me as she has long red hair too. Maybe all great vegan cooks have red hair? ;P
    I'm cooking even more than usual with the veg from the allotment and loving it. :D

  5. Your food looks so good!! Come dine with me with friends is a great idea too. I've just started a Supperclub in Manchester actually. I specialize in Indian food and cater to vegans and vegetarians so would love to have you join! If you're interested I have info on my blog :)


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