What a Week!

I went down to London on Wednesday after work for a few days to visit Origin craft event and various things in the London Design Festival. Last Sundays baby shower was well timed because as I got off the train in Euston I got a text from my sister's partner to say that the twins had just been born. Robyn and James have arrived 7.5 weeks early! They are in a special care unit and I got to see them for the first time today.

Thursday was Origin which was fantastic. It is a craft show where exhibitors are invited and the standard and range of work is great. The little doggie above was actually part of a whole knitted dog show by Muir and Osborne.

I had some great vegan food whilst I was there. I was delighted to discover that Routemaster was just off Brick Lane right next to Tent London, the design show I went to on Friday. I can recommend the teriakyi tofu stirfry. I even managed to fit in my first visit to VX on the Saturday lunchtime before catching the train back. Mmm marshmallow latte and doughnuts!


  1. Well Congratulations to your sister,her partner and yourself as auntie on their arrival, albeit an early one. :) x


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