What a Weekend!

The Liverpool Biennale started on Friday and runs until November 28. There's some great stuff to see and it's all free. I spent Friday afternoon racing round and managed to see a lot but am still planning to go back for another day. As well as all the galleries, there's lots of work on unused buildings and in non gallery spaces.

The Futurist Cinema near Lime Street Station.

Harvey and Casper are in a garage at the top of Wood Street just before FACT along with an animation and spoken word piece.

What used to be the enormous Rapid DIY store that runs the length of Renshaw Street is home to this work which critiques Del Monte's exploitation in Guatemala and Latin America amongst other pieces.

The Temple of A Thousand Bells sound work in the oratory at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.

A neon piece inside the cathedral by Tracey Emin commissioned for the Year of Culture.

This is wedged between 84 and 86 Duke Street! Probably my favourite piece along with the Morrissey foretelling the death of Princess Diana film piece at Open Eye.

The scary yet beautiful maze of ribbons at the Bluecoat Arts Centre.

On Saturday I cooked all day preparing for my sister's baby shower on Sunday. We had an absolute feast of vegan food and lots of noisy games such as baby shower bingo, drinking games (from baby bottles), find the nappy pins in a bucket of pop corn and guessing who was who from our own baby pictures. The cakes above were for my friend Michelle whose birthday was celebrated on Saturday night with great fun and lots of dancing at Tiger Lounge.


  1. what happened to Rapid?!?! I spent far too much of my life in there buying things for the house I was fixing up in Orrell Park, they were so cheap and had almost everything!

    Looks really interesing, Liverpool has had some great installations over the years!

  2. Rapid's still trading. They've just moved over near John Lewis. The old store is a great site for artwork. There's still lots of parts of the old shop there and in some bits it's hard to tell what's art and what's leftover from Rapid, LOL!


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