In The Suburbs ...Again

Busy day yesterday visiting various parts of Greater Manchester. In the daytime my friend Debbie took me on a tour of the charity shops of Hyde home of Harold Shipman's surgery and the fictional home of Sam Tyler from Life on Mars!

We had a good mooch round and the charity shops which were much more fruitful than the Didsbury ones the week before. My loot included a brand new small Le Creueset ceramic dish, an Anne of Green Gables box set and 2 lovely 50's style knit tops both cotton and vegan friendly. I was also pleased to discover a B and M Bargains so stocked up on pretzels, rice crackers, Ruffle Bars and Frys Creme chocolate for the tuck drawer. In the evening I met my friend Richard from work for a quick bite at Pizza Express and then we were off on the tram to Bury to the Met theatre for the opening night of the new MAD theatre company production, Thai Brides and Teacakes.


  1. I lust after Le creuset cookware. When I'm rich (ha) I want to have the whole set. In blue. Or maybe orange...

  2. Hi T, it is lovely stuff. I've got a couple of blue ones I got on sale at TKMaxx ages ago. It's ceramic but kind of non stick and really easy to clean too.


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