Inspired by Cake Wrecks!

If you've never come across the Cake Wrecks website, I urge you to take a look. Postings are usually a mix of the downright awful and frankly bizarre with the odd posting that focuses on some excellent cakes. I was having a look a few months ago when I came across the 'Naked Mohawk Baby Carrot Jockeys'. I usually make a carrot cake for my sister's partner for his birthday so I sent the link to Nick and asked him if he wanted one this year. His reply was 'that's pretty awesome, make me one'.

So, the challenge was on. I was unable to source mohawked babies. The ones on the original cake are from a craft store in the US that doesn't do international shipping. However, I tracked down these guys on Ebay. Their hairstyles remind me of early Beatles and they're meant to be used for the baby shower game 'Help My Water's Have Broken'. The cake is carrot, orange and pecan and they are riding on marzipan carrots which is very apt as Nick blogs under the name Marzipan Man about a whole host of things from horror films to wrestling with the odd short story thrown in.


  1. XD I love Cake Wrecks, slowly making my way through the blog as it makes me feel better about my own slightly awful cake decorating skills. lol


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