Elderflower Martini

Here's my take on a lovely summery cocktail - the Elderflower Martini. 1 shot each of gin, elderflower cordial and dry vermouth, 2 shots of apple juice. Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass.

It's time of the year to start thinking about putting up some liqueurs to make for Christmas presents. Last year I did strawberry gin and Limoncello. Has anyone got any favourite recipes?


  1. I love that retro cocktail cabinet. I sincerely hope you have some lovely Grace Kelly type cocktail dresses to go with it ;)

    The cocktail sounds very refreshing. Unfortunately me and gin had a rather nasty encounter some years ago and haven't been on speaking terms since.

  2. Haha, yep I've got a few of the dresses! I've never drunk gin until recently as I always found it too 'perfumy'. There are lots of new ones around now, I like Miller's which has a more cucumbery taste. The cocktail is very refreshing and would work well with vodka too!


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