Neal's Yard Party

My friend Sarah has recently started working for Neal's Yard. Yesterday she came over to Manchester and we hosted a Neal's Yard party at my flat. She told us loads of interesting things about the history and ethos of the company. Lots of their stuff is vegan friendly and Sarah brought along a list so I could check stuff. Because they are a herbalists they use a much higher concentrate of aromatherapy oils than a lot of brands so the products are therapeutic as well as just smelling nice!

We got to test out lots of lovely organic products and some of us had relaxing facials too!

The newest members of our girl gang are Robyn and Flo at 8 months and 6 months respectively. They came and joined in too and tried some of the baby products.

Of course the afternoon wouldn't have been complete without a spot of afternoon tea! Our sandwiches were cream cheese, cress and chive, mushroom pate and salad and humus with red pepper and red onion. Dessert was chocolate stout and cranberry bread, cherry and almond cookies and coffee and walnut cake.

It was a really fun afternoon and I'm going to host another one later in the year for my vegan friends. There's people who do Neal's Yard parties all over but if you're based in the Manchester/ West Yorkshire area and fancy hosting one with Sarah you can contact me to get her details by clicking on the word 'email' in my profile. As the host you get a facial + freebies and discounts. I worked out I spend £27 but got £90 of products!


  1. Did you get to try the SPF moisturiser? I've been trying really hard to find a vegan one here in the UK that I'm not allergic to and have thus far been unsuccessful.

  2. I think so, there was so much to try I can't remember the names of everything! Have you managed to try it? Sometimes companies will send you free samples of products to try if you have allergies. I get a bit of eczema and Dead Sea Magik send me samples of their range to try out before buying.


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