Vegan Life Magazine Issue 3

As a Vegan Life blogger I get a free digital copy of the magazine. We actually decided to pay to subscribe to the paper copy though as it's such a nice magazine. When we subscribed we got a lovely free gift of some shower gel and hand soap. The latest free gift for subscribers are a set of Hurraw Lip Balms which are my favourites and which I'd highly recommend if you're looking for a new vegan friendly lip balm. For info on subscriptions check out this link.

There's quite an emphasis on healthy foods and detoxing with it being a new year issue. As I posted here back in December I've been trying to focus on eating well and it paid off as for once I wasn't ill over the festive season! I've got several recipes from the magazine bookmarked to try over the next few weeks. We kicked off with this courgette noodle dish topped with marinated mushrooms and a sauce made from cashews and sundried tomatoes. It was delicious and really filling and only used half of the sauce. I've frozen the rest and reckon it will made a great creamy pesto style sauce to stir into pasta. I normally avoid pesto as basil gives me terrible acid reflux so I'm excited to have found an alternative!

I also loved the article on the benefits of drinking different types of tea and it's made me keen to seek out more types of white tea. I knew green tea had health benefits but I hadn't realised how great white tea is. The debate section also got me thinking. It's about whether it's ok for vegans to eat honey. Off the top of my head I can think of at least three people I know who call themselves vegan but who do eat it. I think it was one of the last vegan food issues I got my head round and it's definitely the one I most often find people asking me to explain. There's so much emphasis on saving the bee population these days that people seem to get confused about the issue and don't actually think about what honey actually is and what it should be used for. I used to take leaflets about milk, eggs and honey farming along to Cake Liberation Front meet ups to encourage non-vegans to think more about these issues. I'd like to start doing this again so if anyone knows where's best to get specific leaflets rather than just general vegan ones please leave me a comment.


  1. I decided not to eat honey when I went vegan but I find it really difficult to explain why to non vegans so some leaflets would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Leaflets would be awesome! I am currently working on a blog post about veganism and honey. Truthfully it is a topic I waver back and forth as a vegan. Bees are hard to sympathies with, and like milk there is so much emphasis about how important bees are to the different industries. I think most people think if there were honey bees, then nothing would bloom, which isn't true.

  3. I just posted my own post on this edition of the magazine :) I can understand people not getting the point about honey, but also think it's just like understanding the dairy industry - once people do grasp the points (in this case, what bees and honey are for without our interference) it can make more sense. With that said, my husband always has honey in our cupboard and so I will have it very occasionally, but I would never call it vegan.

    Glad to hear you liked the courgette noodle dish too - I have bookmarked it as well!

  4. Oh yum, the courgette noodle dish sounds heavenly. Unfortunately my local Sainsbury hasn't got this issue maybe they ran out I think I need to subscribe! Don't want to miss out any more! :o)


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