Cake, Curries, Birthdays and Babies

I've had a busy few days visiting people. On Friday, I spent the afternoon visiting my sister, who's just celebrated her 40th birthday and got to hang out with her and my gorgeous twin niece and nephew.

On Saturday, I spent the evening with my friends Jan and Dave. I took over some curries and a mocha cake for Dave's birthday. The cake is the coffee and walnut cake from The Cake Scoffer with the Chocolate Ganache Frosting from Vegan with a Vengeance. Dave is the brilliant graphic designer who created the Cake Liberation Front website graphics. Our next meeting is next Sunday if you're in the Manchester Area.

We were also celebrating the arrival of their new baby girl, who'll be the youngest person at the meeting! What a cutie!


  1. start 'em young! You'll have a couple of little vegan cake baking activists in no time! x

  2. Ha, ha, yep with the parents they've got, they've all definitely got hte 'cake gene'!


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