Chickpea and Chorizo Stew

I really enjoyed watching 'Toast' on tv at Christmas time which is based on the autobiography of chef Nigel Slater. I went on his website after watching it to see if there was anything vegan.

What did catch my eye in the Winter section was a lovely simple recipe for Chickpeas with Chorizo. I veganised it with Redwoods Cheatin Chorizo Style Chunks, in my opinion the best fake meat substitute around. I love putting them in scrambled tofu too. I omitted the dried chillis as the chorizo is spicy enough for me on it's own. I used a tin of tomates instead of fresh, only 1 tin of chickpeas (Suma - the best tinned ones I've found) and my left over Christmas sherry was Harveys rather than a dry style. It was so delicious served with baked sweet potatoes, crusty bread and corn chips. I think this will become at regular dish in my household!


  1. This sounds delicious, I'll go and check it out. I totally meant to watch Toast but forgot, must catch up on that! My friend's boyfriend works for the BBC and he's pitching for Yottam Ottolenghi to do a cooking show and trying to get a veggie cooking show on tv.There's also a baking one at the moment on the iplayer, and the recipes would be mostly easy to veganise. xx

  2. Thanks, I'll check that out on iplayer. That would be so cool to finally get a veggie cooking show on tv. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  3. Yummy! There is also a really nice looking recipe that he did for one of his BBC programmes, a vegetable stew cobbler. The recipe for the stew is on the BBC site, but in the episode I caught he turned leftover tomato and aubergine stew into a cobbler with a savoury scone mix on top - delish! Of course it contained milk, cheese, etc, but I'm fairly confident that any vegan worth their salt would be able to knock up/find a savoury scone recipe for the purpose.

  4. Ooh yes, I saw that episode too. It did look great.


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