Competition to create the next Vegan Readymeal

Whilst the range is vegetarian, there's not much in the Linda McCartney section of the freezer that is vegan. However, they are currently running a competition for the next ready meal. You send in a recipe and 10 get shortlisted each week for the public to vote on. The top 3 will then go into a play off. I've just entered my Butternut Squash Hotpot recipe.

The prizes are a new cooker (yes please!) and a lovely handmade kitchen table and the winning recipe will be widely available. The competitions only running until the end of Jan so get an entry in now or if you're not entering remember to vote for your favourite vegan dish.


  1. What a great competition. Your entry sounds amazing too, let us all know how and when to vote and I'll put my vote in for you. It always annoys me how so many vegetarian ranges have egg and milk in. How hard can it be to make them suitable for vegans as well?! A lot of Morrisons vegetarian range is vegan though, their veggie mince is delicious and really cheap. x

  2. i hope your dish wins!


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