Yay, It's Vegan Pizza Day!!!

Today is the first ever official Vegan Pizza Day that is likely to become an annual event knowing how much all the vegans I know love pizza! Although the vegan pizza didn't win the recent Pizza Express competition it did reach the top five and Pizza Express say they have noted the demand. The Vegan Pizza Day website is developing as a good resource for where to find vegan pizza in the states and I thought I'd let you know what we have in Manchester.

Cornerhouse is one of my favourite places in Manchester. It's an independent cinema, contemporary art gallery, bar and cafe. They've been featuring a vegan pizza on their menu for a couple of years now. It's a cheese free thin crust with roasted vegetables and spinach. I had one last Friday before going to see Black Swan - good pizza, good film. They also have a couple of other vegan friendly options such a hummus, baba ganoush, olives, pittas etc and a vegetable tagine.

Odd, Odder and Oddest are two city centre and one Chorlton based bars. They do a wonderful vegan breakfast and a very yummy sweet potato burger. Veggie pizzas are available without cheese.

The number one place to go for vegan pizza in Manchester is the wonderful Dough Pizza Kitchen. This is an independent in the Northern Quarter which is the area to go for vegan food if you're visiting Manchester with Dough, Odd, Earth Cafe, Nexus Art Cafe, Oklahoma, Ning, Sweet Tooth Cupcakery and the best place for cupcakes - Cocoa Emporium in Afflecks Palace, all within minutes of each other. There's also loads of vintage shops and independent bars and businesses. Dough offers you a choice of standard, wholewheat and gluten free bases - I've tried them all and they are all tasty. There are several vegetarian pizzas on the menu and they can all be made with dairy free cheese. My personnal favourite is the fungi but I have friends who always go for the spicy veg. And, unlike anywhere else they also offer a range of dairy free ice creams and sorbets. It's a must try place if you are visiting the city.


  1. Manchester sounds better for vegans than London! The cafe we run at work does vegan pizza, so I'm rarely more than 3 metres from a good one which is very lucky indeed! All the bars and cafes sound great and Odd looks like my kind of place x


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