Thank you letters

I've been in Liverpool today for a meeting at Tate. This included lunch and I was interested to see what I'd be given as the standard of corporate catering varies so much for vegans. Incidentally, the best place I've experienced by far is the Cathedral Visitor Centre in Manchester who even had a selection of delicious vegan friendly biscuits and I'm not talking ginger nuts or bourbons but much fancier ones!

I was really pleased to see they now have soya milk and lunch was an attractively presented dish of dahl with green beans and a side salad. It was tasty and whilst if I was serving it I would have heated the dahl and added a pitta bread or some rice (everyone else got veggie pizza) I decided to focus on the positives and email them a thank you. Another for reason for doing this was the dessert. There was some fruit whilst everyone else got huge delicious looking pieces of carrot cake. As usual I had my emergency bar of chocolate in my bag so I didn't feel too left out but I also wanted to make a point to them that vegan friendly cake exists! So, I finished the email with a link to the CLF recipe blog and a link to Vegan Cupcakes Take over The World. I reckon we've just got to keep chip, chipping away and one day they'll be cake for us too in these places. Will let you know if I get a response!


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