Weekend baking

This weekend was really busy with the launch evening for Viva, the Spanish and Latin American Film Festival, a tour of the BBC, a mooch round the Vintage and Antiques Textile Fair and a walk focusing on Manchester's Modernist Heroines for International Women's Day. I still managed to squeeze a bit of baking in. The picture below is of Orange and Pecan Teabread made with redbush tea and marmalade. This freezes well and makes a nice breakfast too. Recipe here on the Cake Liberation Front recipe blog.

One of my friend's at work has been off for 2 weeks and has had a birthday during that time. I've made them a bag of these Ginger Men with quiffs (representing their taste in men!) and left them on their desk to great them tomorrow to ease the pain of coming back to work! The recipe is this one from the Parsley Soup website.


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