Two - Nil

There were lots of happy people wandering around the ground before the match looking at the different stalls, admiring the scooters in the scooter rally, listening to the live music and munching on vegan baked goods. And there were lots of happy people after the match when the home team won 2-0.

Deb, Vicki and I were busy baking in the week and we had a good range of cakes and cookies. We'd arranged to give away free samples rather than selling cakes but people wanted to give donations towards the club for the new ground and we ended up with just over 50 pounds at the final count! It was a really fun day and the staff and supporters were great, very friendly. There are plans afoot for us to do something else with them soon.


  1. looks amazing! Well done on raising £50 too xx

  2. Yum! oh, I think I would have bought the whole stall. :) xx


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