Can't Beat A Sausage Butty

I don't live anywhere near an Asda but my friend Deb does and got me some of this meat free sausage mix to try. It was easy to make up, you just add cold water and leave for 10 minutes before rolling into sausage shapes and then grilling or frying. It makes 8 sausages and they held together really well whilst I fried them.

I thought the texture was really good but the taste of them on their own was a little bland. Next time I think I would try adding stock instead of just cold water and maybe some chopped mushrooms. As they are 'pork style' I pepped them up on a ciabatta with mustard, fried onions and apple sauce - yum!

I see that they also do a meat free burger and a falafel mix, has anyone tried any of these?


  1. Yum! I wonder if they have anything like this in Canada...

  2. I have tried the burger mix. It would be great for a barbeque because it had quite an authentic chargrilled flavour. It was a little dry but I think that was because I baked the burger patty rather than frying it. Don't know why because I served it with some yummy fried onions! Haven't tried the falafel yet.

  3. I love the burger mix. Can confirm its not dry if fried. I love to add chili, garlic, cumin and fresh herbs and make little kebabs with it. I've given up on the sausage mix, found it really bland like you said.


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