Monkey cheesecake!

If you've read the blog before you may know that we have a work Come Dine With Me club. You can view some of the past nights here and here and here. I'm still signed off work but my lovely friends brought a mini-Come Dine over to my flat last night! Jenny made the nicest vegan cheesecake I have ever tasted. She watched this video to get the basic idea and then put together her own recipe with a gingernut base and a cheesecake made from silken tofu, icing sugar and lemon juice as the main ingredients.

This picture is after we have consumed the entire cheesecake and a bottle of cava, look at that cheesecake happiness in our eyes! They also brought the desk monkeys to visit. These ones with magnets in their hands made good wine glass markers!

They also came bearing other gifts of Frys chocolate, a plant and a relaxing facemask and the ultimate in get well gifts - a Japanese everlasting monkey balloon! I'm pleased to say I'm starting to feel a lot better and I'm looking forward to be back at work soon. I really do have the best workmates.


  1. looks like a fab time! i would love a piece of that cheesecake now!! :)

  2. How much fun!! What lovely friends :)

  3. That's very sweet, you have great friends! The monkey ballon is really cute, I love little paper 'toys' like that. :)


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