Come Dine With Me Again

Back in September we had a work 'Come Dine With Me' evening. I noticed when I was in Vancouver that it was being shown on tv there and a Canadian version was about to be launched. Watch out North America, this is a low budget tv show that started off small and has become a cult hit in the UK. Richard was the first host and last night it was Paulette's turn.

In true Come Dine With Me style we were all presented with a rolled up menu and Andrew filmed our reactions to it on his Iphone. He then cleverly edited them together and added the theme music and titles just like the tv show. We got to watch the final edit whilst we were having our Jam Fizz champagne cocktails with jerk cashew nuts at the start of the evening.

The menu was Jamacian themed and we were treated to an amazing sweet potato soup with a rouille garnish for starters. No one had a clue what a rouille was or how to pronounce it! Turned out to be a cream made from blended lemon, fresh corander, bread and garlic and it complimented the soup perfectly.

Our main was a Red Bean Loaf. Paulette made me a separate vegan version and subbed egg replacer and nooch for eggs and cheese. This was topped with a rich coconut sauce and accompanied by sauted plantain, steamed rice, green salad and crunchy coleslaw. A fabulous blend of flavours and textures.

Yet more spicy flavours in the dessert with a sticky toffeeish pineapple and ginger crumble with icecream for the others and soya cream for me.

We rounded off the meal with Jamacian Blue Mountain coffee and retired to the lounge to sit in from off a real fire whilst a gale howled outside. It was a delightful evening. I'm up next and the bar's been kept high!


  1. This is so cool. I LOVE that show (who doesn't right!) and would so love to do something like this.

  2. I love that show, too, though some of the food they make is horrid. It would be fun to do a fully vegan version. You are lucky to have a group who will cook vegan versions for you.

  3. Come Dine with Me is too good and I agree that it would be great to see a fully vegan version :) I wish I could have some friends around to do it too!

  4. Growing up in the US, I've kind of been estranged from my Jamaican heritage, but even I know the importance of Blue Mountain Coffee! I bet it was an excellent choice after what looks like an incredible meal!

    I'm sort of a budding vegetarian, so, I'm just starting to try a whole bunch of different recipes. And, maybe this is one of the more common dishes in the vegan realm of cooking, but at the moment I'm totally in love with this Creamy Carrot & Coconut Soup. It's incredibly simple to make, but I love how it tastes. I thought - if you haven't heard of it - that perhaps I'd share :)

  5. Thanks for the recipe Sherard, it looks like just the kind of soup I'd love.


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