Poached pears in Earl Grey

One of my friends is coming round for a little birthday tea tonight. The temperatures have really dropped here in the last few days so a roast dinner is in order. As this is such a crazily busy week I've not been able to make a nut roast from scratch. Instead we're going to have these great little root veggie roasts from Goodlife. They're the best readymade nut roast I've tried and come with a fruity cumberland sauce to serve with them. I am a bit of a gravy fiend so they'll be a jug of gravy as well for the rosst potatoes.

I did manage to make a dessert though. Inspired by the entries in my teacosy competition I looked online for a recipe for poaching pears in Earl Grey - my friend will drink nothing else. I strangely seem to have ended up with 3 Scorpio friends who only drink Earl Grey! I am also a Scorpio and it's my first choice of tea.

I found this one at Epicurious which also has dried apricots and cherries in it. It's turned out brilliantly and was very easy to do. It'll be simply served just with a little soya cream.


  1. I've always meant to try poached pears, this sounds like a lovely way to make them. xx


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