Bargain Shopping

This weekend I went to stay with my good friends Jude and Paul in St Annes. As usual Jude and I enjoyed a ramble round the many charity shops there. I was delighted with this Bone China star covered milk jug and sugar bowl by Royal Vale in perfect condition for a mere £1.75

I always have a look in B and M Bargains when I'm there as although they are a chain there isn't one near to where I live in Manchester. I came away with enough stuff to fill a hamper! From L to R clockwise – Box of Whittakers Mint Creams – 99p, Dragonfly Organic Redbush Chai – 29p, Sherriffs Fairtrade Dark Chocolate covered ricecakes – 29p, jar of Ginger Jam – 69p, Bacon Flavour salad crispies – 79p, Silverspoon Almond Extract – 39p, 4 bars of Frys Chocolate Cream - £1.49, 5 bars of Jamesons Raspberry Ruffles – 89p. Some of these things might even make it to the Vegan Tuck Drawer!


  1. That milk jug and sugar bowl is divine. And yummmmm Raspberry Ruffles! I've just recently discovered they were vegan so I've been making up for lost time with them.


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