The Vegan Tuck Drawer Is Restocked

A while ago I posted about the Vegan Tuck Drawer at work. A whole new host of treats have been added recently. There are a few things that you might expect to find picked up in a Health Food shop such as mini packets of Munchy Seeds and Nakd Bars and also some new additions which can be found in many newsagents too. As well as Frys Original, Mint and Orange chocolate bars we've got Mr Tom peanut brittle.

Several of the widely available Blackfriars Flapjack range are labelled as vegan.

And these little sesame snaps from Poland are a yummy treat.


  1. I remember getting Mr Tom all the time as a kid, and Sesame Snaps! MMMMM!

  2. Those Sesame snaps are my favourite thing ever!! The ones with coconut in are awesome!!

  3. Ooh I haven't seen the coconut ones. I will have to investigate. If anyone has any other suggestions for the draw that would be great :)

  4. Love all of those minus the flapjacks! A tuck drawer is essential. Have you tried the Pulsin bars? They're an excellent but expensive treat.

  5. I've haven't come across the Pulsin Bars but just googled them and they sound good. Will keep an eye out for them :)


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