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A completely unfood related post! I used Eco Paint for the first time this weekend to paint a radiator in my flat. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with my flat. On the one hand it is in a great location and is in an interesting listed building. On the other hand the building is old and hasn't been well maintained and there are always things going wrong, like the leak last week that still hasn't been resolved. Anyway, I am trying to show the flat some TLC this summer and finish off the little jobs I haven't got round to doing yet in the 4 years I've lived here.

One of the many quirks of living at the Lodge is that you have no control over the heating. I have 2 radiators for the whole flat, they are the originals from when it was built in 1939 and they are on constantly from September to May, 24/7. Not eco friendly at all! They are run from a central boiler room, a bit like school. So, I bought the paint ages ago from here, and have been putting it off but thought I'd better get started before the heating comes back on for the season.

Anyway, I was very impressed. Went on easily and no paint smell at all. At nearly £20 a pot it's not cheap but they delivered really quickly and it will easily do a couple of coats on each radiator, the bedroom one being much bigger.


  1. I love that pic, the flowers are gorgeous on your window sill!

  2. Ah, thanks. As you can see I don't own a vase! Got the coffee pot and kitchen utensil holder standing in. Must keep a look out in the charity shops for a nice one!

  3. I love the flowers in the coffee pot! It looks very English country kitchen :)


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