Bags of Bags

Before I became vegan I used to tend to see non leather bags as inferior and not good quality. How times have changed! I've amassed this vegan bag collection over the last 4 years, the majority of it is by Matt and Nat.

Matt and Nat are an ethical vegan designer based in Montreal, Canada. Their bags are fantastic quality, made with amazing non leather materials and like leather, they even look better with age. The bags include lots of interior pockets including one for your mobile and a matching keyring which clips to the inside so it's easy to find your keys! They have new designs out each season and I can't recommend them highly enough. Above are my small going out bags.

These 3 are my work bags. Roomy enough to carry your everyday essentials and even a laptop.

These 2 are my holiday bags. Both have long straps so you can wear them across the body, keep your hands free and your stuff safe whilst travelling and are still comfortable to wear.

Matt and Nat are at the designer of end of the price spectrum but don't let that put you off. Some of the above bags are second hand from Ebay and some are new from TKMaxx. I have never paid more than £20 and some have cost me as little as 99p +postage!

And here we have more Ebay finds all around a fiver. A 1970's Spanish wicker basket bag which also doubles as a storage item and a coconut shell bag with wooden handles both of which always get lots of admiring comments. The small red clasp bag with the wooden handle is by T2 who I believe are part of the Tula/Radley group. Lots of their bags seem to be non leather but always worth checking with individual sellers if it isn't clear. The denim bag is by Joanna Hall and was bought to replace a very similar one in vinyl by the same designer that I used for years until it fell apart and used to be fondly known as 'the air hostess bag'!

And finally, the collectibles, again from Ebay that cost £20-£30. These are hand painted, signed and in one case decoupaged wooden bags made in the USA in the 1950s and 60s by designers Caro Nan and Enid Collins. Some Enid Collins bags have leather handles but these 2 are vinyl. I do use them for nights out and the rest of the time the 2 bird boxes double as jewellery boxes.


  1. Brilliant! I tend to get my bags...thinking about it I have the same bags for hundreds of years. Two handbags from some cheapy shop that cost a couple of pounds, they do the evenings, and one main sparkly bag I bought off Sara. (I'll have to post the link to her shop again at some point as it's not working just now). I went wild and bought a brand new bag from Netto that's black fabric with an amazing coloured paisley patterns all over it with a purse to match for £3!! I am all bargaintastic-woman hehehe. I must post a picture, there was only one left in the shop and I was really annoyed because it had made me think of you for some reason and I was going to get you one too! Tsk. My grammar is appalling today and I feel really grim again so I'll stop lol. Love your blog, it puts mine to shame vegan-wise, but mine's been about escape for a long time. Now might be time to start putting more fun things like this onto it. You are inspiring me :) x

  2. I love these bags.

    Check out my collection of bags here


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