New York - The Food

What can I say about NYC vegan food! It was all good and some of it was outstanding and lucky Alex had the excuse of eating for 3! We had raw in the form of cheap n cheerful from Bonobos and also super gourmet sitting in the garden at Pure Food and Wine. On the days we spent in the East Village there were turkey clubs and BLTs at Teany, BBQ burgers and fries at Kate's Joint, Dragon Bowls and Dashi with noodles at Angelica Kitchen. After dinner one evening we visited Lula's Sweet Apothecary and ate our orange cremesicle and ginger creme cookie sugar cones in the delightful Creative Little Garden that we stumbled on further up the block.

Still in the East Village we had several mid afternoon trips to Babycakes for iced coffees and to sample cupcakes, doughnuts, muffins and brownie bites. We got stuff from here to take back to the hotel for our breakfasts too.

We tried to balance the days with one super healthy meal and one more indulgent or junk foody one. On the Saturday we were headed to revisit Red Bamboo which we loved on our last trip but got Chinese food cravings after shopping in Pearl River Mart and instead tried the restaurant Vegetarians Paradise 2 a few doors up. Their food is described as a fusion of Asian-Soul cuisine and we loved our meal of Soul Chicken with BBQ sauce, spring rolls and Crispy Sweet and Sour fish.

On Sunday we spent the day in the Met and lunched on the steps A La Gossip Girl with a fabulous chickpea tuna melt and smoked tofu, spinach and mushroom wrap from Terri. Later we took our museum weary legs a few blocks over to the Candle Cafe for Tuscan Lasanga and giant cookies.


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