Will The Real Jimi Conqueror Please Stand Up!

I started this blog on February 14 and amazed to find myself at my 100th post. And I've a confession to make. Some of you know me as Jimi and that's not my name. I'm Caroline and Jimi Conqueror is this cheeky monkey below.

Jimi has a sister Gemima who lives with my sister. In fact Jimi belongs to Alex too. We had lived together all our lives (bar a few years at college) until 4 years ago we went our separate ways and Alex said Jimi had to stay with me. He tells us he is a vegan buddhist from Sri Lanka! How he found his way to a gift shop in Manchester is a bit of mystery and Gemima fetched up in a posh toy shop in Dublin! She's not vegan and is a hindu. You may have spotted Jimi in a few past blog posts here , here and here and I've no doubt he'll be sneaking into future ones.


  1. What a cute monkey! And thanks for the comment on my blog :)


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