Score for Soy!

I always make a point of asking if somewhere has soy milk even when I know they don't. I figure that if enough of us ask then management will eventually take notice and offer it as an option. I met one of my old gallery friends Marie, for a catch up tonight and to hear all about her recent wedding. We always meet in Kro Picadilly for a brew. I asked as usual and was gob smacked when the barmaid said yes! Hurrah, well done Kro. Don't know about the other Kro's but hopefully the same.


  1. Yes, I do the same.That's good news indeed. It's the same with pub lunches. My mum and dad like them alot so I always ring up and ask to speak to the chef. If they can't make anything they become aware they've lost customers because of it! The most annoying thing about that though is being asked "What do you want me to make?" I can give examples but they're the ones who know what the ingredients are! Anyway, there's a pub in Marple that shocked me by having an award for best vegan dish of the year or something like that, I'll ask hubby what the name was. That was a pleasant surprise I can tell you :)

  2. Ooh, that would be great if you could find out the name of the pub. Some of the Manchester Vegan Society lot are keen to organise walks and if there is a pub with vegan food involved they'll be up round Marple. Have you ever been to the Globe in Glossop? It's a nice old pub and the whole menu is vegan and it's really cheap and nice comfort type food. Think it's only open in the evenings though.

  3. Got it, It's called The Crown. The postcode is SK6 7HU so you can google map it :) I'm guessing you know all about 'The Globe'? If not, that's in Glossop and does lots of vegan food - SK13 8HJ x


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