Raw chocolate treats

Popped into Eighth Day after work to buy some pate and as usual came out £20 lighter and laden with treats! These new raw chocolate covered white mulberries are really amazing and highly recommended! I needed them as well. Got home after meeting friends for tea to find my flat having it's third flood this year. Not the upstairs flat this time, water appears to be coming into the bathroom from the outside. There was torrential rain earlier and it looks like it might be the drains. The building company are coming out first thing in the morning so I'm praying it's something that easy to fix.


  1. oh no! sorry you've had a flood that sucks :( Those raw chocolate treats looks yummy though...I had some raw choc covered goji berries a while ago and they're pretty addictive. Hope your leaky bathroom gets fixed soon ") xx

  2. Thanks. Am sat here waiting for builders to arrive to investigate with fingers crossed that it will be easy to sort out! May have to finish the rest of the treats! They had the gojis too, will have to try them next x


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