New York - The Culture

A food post to follow once the jet lag fades! We stayed mid town at the Gershwin Hotel which was next to Madison Square Park which was hosting the Anthony Gormley figures that were all over the South Bank in London a few years ago. If you look in the left hand corner of the photo you can just see one on top of a building and they were everywhere you looked including on top of the Flat Iron!

We only had 3 full days but we managed to visit the Tennement Museum twice - you have to book a tour. Highly recommended. You get to visit a recreated apartment and learn about an actual family that lived there. Particularly good was the more interactive Confino Family tour. Our group had to pretend we were an immigrant family. I got to be the Italian Mama! The museum has an excellent gift shop and is also very near Teany, Babycakes and Mooshoes.
We also spent a day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I could spend a week in there! As well as the amazing permanent collection there was a cool bamboo installation, Big Bambu by Doug and Mike Stern, on the roof that you could get inside.

And finally a few goodies I managed to cram in my suitcase to keep the NY vibe going a bit longer. Matcha tea for making Green Tea Cupcakes from one of my favourite NYC shops Pearl River Mart, vegan friendly Oreos, Swedish Fish, Lara Bars, Clif Bars and vital wheat gluten so I can finally make the chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon. Oh, and not forgetting my new favourite mug from Babycakes.


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