Late Night Foraging and Roasted Apples

Dinner last night at Siobhan's was really good fun. She found some fantastic recipes to make for us on Vegan Village. We started with avocado with raspberry vinaigrette followed by Goan tofu curry which were both taste explosions! And look at that presentation, you can tell this is someone who did A Level cookery!

I took some Turkish Delight cupcakes for dessert - recipe to be posted soon. We had those with some vanilla Swedish Glace and some perfectly ripe blackberries which involved a spot of late night foraging in the garden with ladders and torches! I was also sent home with 4lbs worth of allotment grown apples.

Today I roasted the apples up with cinnamon, lemon juice and agave as per the instructions in the Babycakes cookbook. I then blended half of them with hot water and more agave to make apple sauce and kept the others as chunks to use in muffins. I went through my cookery books and picked out some recipes to try from Babycakes, Get it Ripe and Vegan With A Vengeance. I ladelled them out in amounts needed for each recipe, labelled them up and popped the containers in the ice box to use over the next few weeks. I knew all those empty hommous containers would come in handy one day!.


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