What's Your Favourite Cookie Cutter?

Do you have a favourite cookie cutter? I got this set 2 years ago for Christmas and have only just got round to using them. I think in the back of my mind I thought they were going to be complicated to use but they weren't. The cookies were fun to cut and they came out really well. I used this simple sugar cookie recipe and chucked in a teaspoon of cinammon too. They were finished off with just a dusting of icing sugar but would be great iced too.

They are from the RSPB website and they are selling them at half price at the moment.


  1. wow they're so pretty! I love the cut out bits in the middle of the cookies.

  2. Those are awesome! I've been looking out for Christmas cookie cutters but they are in short supply round these parts - even Ikea didn't have any!

  3. Those would be great for making like gingerbread cookie tree ornaments (like from childhood!). I only have one cookie cutter so far, but I love it. It's supposed to be a baker carrying a bread loaf or something but looks more like a zombie: http://yourmomsavegan.blogspot.com/2010/11/baked-chickpeas-2-ways.html.


  4. I just tried to view the cutters on the RSPB site on my iPod and got an error message saying I couldn't see it as my cookies were turned off!!!! Hahaha!!!

  5. They look beautiful! I have a drawer full of cookie cutters, my favourites are my set of 4 cats.

  6. they are lovely. i have a silly number of random cookie cutters, i used my favourites for the quiet loner gingerbread: heart, pistol, guitar and little rabbit

  7. These are really pretty! Every time I try to use cookie cutters, I end up with hideously ugly cookies :(


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