Cafe Direct and Pizza Express

I got an email this morning from Cafe Direct letting me know that my Paddington Cake recipe is November's recipe of the month on their blog and that they are sending me a bag full of their goodies!

Spurred on by this I'm going to look for more recipe competitions to enter vegan recipes in and will post on my blog if I find any. The more of us that enter the more chance we have. It's brilliant that the latest Pizza Express competition includes a vegan pizza in the short list. If you haven't voted please do. Voting closes on November 12. It was in the lead but I believe it's dropped back after lobbying from a pro-meat group! People outside of the UK, Pizza Express are a chain that have branches in most towns so it would be excellent for the falafel pizza to win and a bit of a first for us here.


  1. Congrats on your recipe being chosen for Recipe of the month! You should make a cookbook zine for your CLF and sell it. x

  2. That's a great idea. I'm thinking of setting up a ~Folksy shop for aprons and t-shirts and a zine could go there too. We got some aprons printed for the Bed-In and people wanted to buy them :)


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