Imagine a UK where you can walk into any cafe or restaurant anywhere and there's vegan options available. Vegetarians options are standard everywhere these days but that's not always been the case. Once vegetarianism was seen as a pretty alternative diet in the same way that veganism is today. The times will change and at the Cake Liberation Front we hope to be part of that change so that one day you can go anywhere safe in the knowledge that yes, there will be cake you can eat!

At the Bed-In at the Bluecoat today we gave away over 200 samples of vegan muffins and the response was from the public was absolutely brilliant. Lots of people chatted and asked questions and took away leaflets. We took it in turns to be in the bed with Jimi and Beddy Bear. Muffin flavours were mocha choc chip, pumpkin and white chocolate, pumpkin spice, banana, cranberry and orange, carrot and fruit, lemon and poppyseed and gluten + sugar free blueberry. We'd expected to have a few muffins left to take home but by the end of the day there was not a single one left!


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